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Thursday, July 24, 2014

#HappyParcelDay: received the digital copy of our casual engagement shoot photos from last month by EggBenedictChan, beautifully wrapped in kraft paper + twine. Pretty packaging always makes my heart skip a beat when i'm about to open them, what treasures are beneath them? 


Why name this series the Smooching Beach? 

While reviewing our photos, I've come to realize that we kiss way too much! Like 80% of the time we're attached to each others lips in our shots. Haha not that it's a bad thing of course. (:


Photography: EggBenedictChan
Makeup. Florals. Styling: Fidelis Toh

Thank you, thank you and thank you Benedict for this amazing series of photos and helping us carry so much crap back to the car and we really look forward to work with you on our actual wedding day!

After receiving the photos yesterday I dived in headfirst and started laying out our engagement series album since 5pm till 3am and I'm almost half done! (:

Here's a couple pages of preview of how it's going to look like! I want it to be a mix of our photos and cute illustrations + quotes and lyrics of our march in song so It's not just any photo album, but something that belong to us and what we like:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.


Someone Critique said...

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Unknown said...


May I know how much did you engaged EggsBendictChan for? I am looking around for my causal engagement shoot. Thanks!

fidelistoh said...

Hello Yvette, we booked him in January for our actual day photography for about 2.4k but his package includes a 60min casual shoot! We reaaaaaally love the photos from his shoot and to be honest we weren't even putting in effort to be posey or anything but that's EggBenedictChan, he's just awesome and capturing the right moment and trust me it's really hard capturing us both in our "moment" because we're extremely candid and random! haha

Unknown said...

Hi Fidellis, I think its eggsbenedictchan. The cd case spells it that way. On a side note, your photos are really nice! Excellent work by the photographer